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Hanging Tree Antiques
Hanging Tree Antiques
Hanging Tree Antiques
Goliad, TX
On the Courthouse Square
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Prices may vary from those reported here.

Levis Advertising Poster:
1979 Levi ad campaign
size = 22 in X 29 in
Price: $40.00

Western Prints:
Western Prints
commissioned for RR
dining cars
by W.R. Leigh
1866 - 1955
painter of 'Custers Last Stand'
size = 15 in X 19 in frame
Price: $75.00 ea.

Original Oil painting:
Original Oil painting
Price: $85.00

Old Art print:
Old art print
size = 15 in X 12 in frame
Price: $35.00

Last Supper print:
Older print
size = 14 in X 17.5 in frame
Price: $35.00

Broken Jar Print:
Old Print
'Broken Jar'
Ornate Frame
size = 11 in X 13 in frame
Price: $49.00

Hand-stitched birds:
Crewel embroidery
size = 18 in X 22 in frame
Price: $55.00

Mountain Scene Print:
Mountain Scene print
Antique wood frame
by Harry Hintermeister
Swiss painter 1877-1947
size = 16 in X 20 in frame
Price: $105.00

Religious print:
Religious print
size = 13.5 in X 17 in frame
Price: $45.00

Western Prints:
Original oil
Oil on canvas
beautiful ornate frame
by D. Bels
size = 29 in X 41 in frame
Price: $160.00

Framed Print:
Vintage print
very old
size = 12 in X 16 in frame
Price: $26.00

Flag at Rest:
titled 'Our Flag'
famous schoolhouse print
size = 12 in X 23 in frame
Price: $25.00

Oil on Canvas:
Unframed Oil on Canvas
size = 16 in X 20
Price: $45.00

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