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Hanging Tree Antiques
Hanging Tree Antiques
Hanging Tree Antiques
Goliad, TX
On the Courthouse Square
Railroad Memorabilia:
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Prices may vary from those reported here.

Aladdin Railroad Lamp:
Aladdin Interior Wall Lamp
with Dietz wick cleaner
Price: $220.00

Railroad Lamp:
Dressel Railroad Lamp
converted to electricity
Price: $65.00

Railroad Monkey Wrench:
SOLD cast iron Monkey Wrench
Price: $45.00

Railroad Spittoon:
SOLD Brass spittoon
Northern Pacific
Price: $35.00

Railroad Lantern:
Dietz Lantern
with Red Lens
Price: $58.00

Union Pacific Platter:
SOLD China Serving Platter
Union Pacific
Price: $65.00

Railroad Padlock:
C.R.I.& P.R.R.
Signal Department
Price: $22.50

Rock Island Matchbooks:
Package of 6 matchbooks
New, still in package
Price: $15.00

Railroad Knife:
SOLD Rock Island pocket knife
1973 Des Moines division
Price: $10.00

Sandwich Bag, Calendar:
Rock Island Sandwich bag
Rock Island doily
1949 Santa Fe calendar
SOLD Sandwich Bag: $8.00
1949 Calendar: $7.00

Rock Island Timetables:
SOLD Rock Island Timetables
1909 Rand McNally map
1967 Timetable
1909: $49.00
1967: $6.00

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